Friday, 17 July 2015

William Bay National Park

Our extensive research on the internet led us to add Green's Pool and Elephant Rocks to our list. They were a stones throw from each other within William Bay National Park on our route towards Albany.

And we were pleased as punch with this decision.

By the time we reached the rocky outcrop at the bottom of the path we were already in heaven, and planning our return.

The pale blues of the sea complimented the sky; the sand and waves, the soft grey clouds that were drifting in overhead. The serenity, the rocks, the sea spray rising in the distance... Had it been warm enough to swim, we could have spent all day there, swimming, writing and scrambling over the rocks that lead between the two beaches.

Stumbling upon a few pictures of Elephant Rocks I still wondered where the name had come from. Given the names of various roads in the south west, the reason could have been extremely obscure. Following the track down to the lookout point, the name became obvious.

By the time we left the beach, the light was fading and the sun rapidly disappearing. As we still had an hour to travel to reach our accommodation, we hit the road and kept our eyes open to ensure a kangaroo or two didn't hit the car.

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