Monday, 20 July 2015

The Porongurups and Drive Home

As we were 'in the area' and had an afternoon at our fingertips we headed towards the Porongurups. 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Researching Lower Kalgan

Common Forest Heath
Having heard of our reason for visiting Albany, our host Jim suggested that we talk to one of his friends Don, a historian of the area.
Discovering that the property in my novel would likely have been an orchard, he suggested we head out in the direction of Lower Kalgan to check out the scenery.

By today's standards Lower Kalgan is about 20 minutes north east of Albany town centre, but 100 years ago, it is likely that it would have taken closer to an hour to make the journey, particularly as it is possible the route was a little less direct than the one we took.

Dawn on the Princess Royal Harbour

I'm not really a dawn person.
I much prefer staying up late into the night reading or writing and then spending the morning curled up in a warm bed, maybe with a purring hot water bottle.

However, with it being the middle of winter and the sun rising after 7 am, and being on holidays, and being surrounded by beautiful scenery and being in Albany to see the scenery, I declared that I wanted to see the sun rise one of the mornings we were in Albany.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Albany Wind Farm

The final stop of our day in the Torndirrup National Park was the Albany Wind Farm. 
However before the hugging and the singing, we decided we needed afternoon tea. 

Torndirrup National Park - Stony Peak

Next stop on our sun drenched tour of the Torndirrup National Park was Stony Peak. 

A location, during the war, for a signal lookout, now it is the perfect place to sit whale spotting or just soak in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

In the foreground is an iron nail, remnant from the rock's use as a signal lookout.

Torndirrup National Park - Salmon Holes and the Blowholes

I think I'll let the photos of Salmon Holes do all the talking.

Torndirrup National Park - Frenchman's Bay

I'd planned to spend Saturday in the town of Albany checking out the historical buildings, visiting a few museums and house museums..
However when we woke to blue skies and sunshine, Claire suggested that we make the most of the weather and spend the day in the National Park instead.
Couldn't have asked for a more excellent suggestion.

Friday, 17 July 2015

William Bay National Park

Our extensive research on the internet led us to add Green's Pool and Elephant Rocks to our list. They were a stones throw from each other within William Bay National Park on our route towards Albany.

And we were pleased as punch with this decision.

Valley of the Giants

Our first official stop on Friday's journey from Bridgetown to Albany (after breakfast) was the Valley of the Giants,

Located just out of Walpole, this allows you to wander through the canopy and undergrowth of a Red Tingle forest.
Turning off the hwy, we were delighted by the sunlight streaming in and hitting the straight slender trunks of the trees that lined the road.

Bridgetown and Beyond

Many of my childhood holidays were spent in the South West of this state, and yet sadly, I have barely any memories of my time there. All right, I was about 5 years old then, maybe 7, but the few snippets of memory I do have of those holidays cannot be placed in the landscape.

I remember walking around a caravan park early in the morning in wet duck-bill slippers. I couldn't tell you it was Albany. 
I remember playing on a boat in a park which was lower than the road. Don't ask me where. 
I remember the interior of Granddad's car as we drove down to Albany for a holiday. I don't remember the holiday though.
I remember the carpark of the place we stayed in Albany when we were on our way to Esperence. I remember the carpark of the Albany YHA. That, it would seem, is my only memory of Albany?

So... As I have no memory of being down in this neck of the woods, yet knowing I've been here, and having set part of my novel in Albany, I thought it was about time I visited it. 

The landscape needed confirming, the angle of the sunlight at 16:00 within one of the buildings, the view down York St. Additionally, there were historical buildings I'd discovered that needed visiting.
Just don't get me started on the location of the Albany Library.

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