Saturday, 18 July 2015

Torndirrup National Park - Frenchman's Bay

I'd planned to spend Saturday in the town of Albany checking out the historical buildings, visiting a few museums and house museums..
However when we woke to blue skies and sunshine, Claire suggested that we make the most of the weather and spend the day in the National Park instead.
Couldn't have asked for a more excellent suggestion.

From our accommodation in Big Grove, we decided to progress clockwise around the peninsula, stopping as our interests were sparked and the vistas proved too sublime for us to remain in the car.

From our first lookout over the thinned undergrowth, we had spied a rocky outcrop that a pair of fishermen had proved to be accessible.

A dryandra of some sort. 

Nothing would then suffice but to clamour out ourselves.

On one of the more sheltered rocks on our way out, a faint sounds of splashing alerted me to this beautiful sight, though complete silence was required to stop them from disappearing into the undergrowth. 

As all the birds across our weekends were very very shy and flighty, I am delighted that I managed to capture so many photos of this little one enjoying its bath.

Photo from Claire

And nearby in a tiny patch of moss was a garden of Red bladderwort and Drosera stolonifera

We did eventually make it out onto the rock.

I did indeed to the National Park (and lots of scrambling up rock faces) in a skirt. 

Taken on my new mobile. I was testing the abilities of the camera.

Taken on my mobile. It will never replace a proper camera.

Taken on my mobile. It's tolerable but I may need to tweak the colour balance.

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