Sunday, 26 April 2015

Beach Shack Renovation Three

With 12 family members having access to the shack (two currently living in Berlin), it seemed sensible to streamline Granddad's amount of furniture and have more than a main bed and two hideous foam mattresses.
We decided on a Queen bed in the main bedroom, a double bunk in the second bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room.

The new furniture was bought as part of yet another shopping spree by my mother and aunt, but it was left to other members of the family to assemble it.

...and the three year old to test its possibilities as a tent by hanging a sheet from the upper bed over the lower one.

It was decided that she was too young for the top bunk and yet too clever at climbing up the ladder by herself, and so the rungs were removed for the time being.

To compliment the very colourful curtains, make the most of the opportunity to do some interior decorating with vibrancy as opposed to the whites and off-whites with which most people decorate their houses, and add vibrancy to what is essentially a summer beach shack, we went with the most outrageous sheets for the beds.


The discussion of what to do with the kitchenette unit was lengthy, though as one of the two decision makers insisted on keeping it, the suggestions of the rest of us are virtually unheard. It's currently getting a new paint job and a patch up as the green and cream no longer goes with the decor.

In the kitchen we decided on a buffet unit for more storage (can never have too much storage) with a smaller under-bench fridge. 
The former was put together from flat pack (like the rest of the furniture) while the fridge was an amazing bargain buy from Ebay. 

Beach Shack Renovation One
Beach Shack Renovation Two

Beach Shack Renovation Four

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

An Open Garden plan

Just the other weekend, Mum and I disappeared off to Fremantle to check out a private garden opened to the public as part of Open Gardens Australia.

Friday, 3 April 2015

An indecipherable recipe - Baton Sale/Salty Biscuits

At that time of the year when Kahk and Cornetti made their appearance at Granddad's, a form of savoury biscuits also appeared. My sister and I would eat them, but they weren't the thing we'd make a bee line for. 
Instead they were left for Mum, solid savoury sticks with cumin seeds mixed throughout that she would nibble on, as happily as we would devour the Kahk. 

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