Sunday, 8 March 2015

Beach Shack Renovation Two

When we finally got our hands on the beach shack and could implement our own vision on the place things started to change. Mum and her sister had the final say, but suggestions were tossed around and pressures were exerted to ensure some things were removed for good.

With access to the skip bins we were using to clean out Granddad's home, my cousin and I made a trip down to remove any and all of the larger pieces that could be fitted into the skips.

The kitchen counter was dismantled and it's complete destruction relieved a lot of built up tension and frustration as it too went in a skip bin.

With hygiene issues of some concern, we took great pleasure in tossing all of the old, used plastic kitchenware. Bin bags were filled over and in moments of hesitation, the response was always 'bin it'. Given how cheap kitchen utensils are at Kmart, and how long these pieces had been sitting here, we weren't willing to risk it. Besides, Granddad had virtually new stuff at his house that we could easily rehouse here instead of sending to the Op-shops.

The beds were dismantled and thrown away, along with all the other excess furniture, chairs and mildew-ing beach towels. It was rather nice to get a true idea of the size of the shack and discuss what we would be able to achieve with it.

With the vast majority of the contents removed it was time for a lick of paint. Something bold, with a little bit of brightness but without the fading properties of the former colours.

We'd already spent considerable time perusing paints as by then we'd repainted the inside, outside and outhouses at Granddad's. With some discussion, we reached a decision. I have a decent eye for colour and one that closely matches my aunt. Mother on the other hand has far more muted tastes.

Between the three of us we came up with grey and red, with furniture in black and a golden pine.

With the paint chosen, we went fabric shopping for the curtains. We'd been looking for something that incorporated the grey and red but wasn't too nautical or too depressing. The shade of red had to be right, and it couldn't really have a cream or blue background as neither would work with the grey walls. After raiding every fabric shop we could think of and not finding anything bright and colourful enough we finally ended on a delightful choice from Ikea.

13 metres later and we now had to measure, hem and sew these 12 curtains.

With Mum busy and my aunt having no skill on the sewing machine, I undertook the actual sewing of the curtains. However my aunt was roped in to help measure and cut, before Mum ironed the pieces down and I raced them through the machine. There may have been a few arguments as to how long the curtains needed to be and by how much they should overhang the edges of the windows to ensure they blocked out as much light as possible.

Now time for the furniture...

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