Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sculptures by the Sea - 2015

I know it finished a couple of weeks ago but I've been busy, or lazy...
Mum and I headed down on the final afternoon to check out the sculptures and in my case, critique some of them at least. 
The weather was beautiful, neither too hot nor too windy, in fact, perfect for wandering across the sand and then rewarding ourselves with frozen yoghurt. 

Though some people didn't realise, there was a 2-part soundtrack that accompanied this first installation. Played on a loop, it featured a short track of choral music, typically associated with a Christian church, and a short track of the type of chant associated with the Islamic faith.

This enables you to identify the square building as a little church, its door to the west and high altar to the east, and the circular building as a Islamic prayer room (or the like). Having made the connection and having recently seen the Alhambra in Granada and Alcazar in Seville I noted the pointed arches of the windows and doors.

I think this was Mum's favourite, named 'Lucky Country'

(I rather like the small child in the background mimicking the pose of these strange creatures).
They remind me of something, the illustration from a children's book? But I can't recall exactly.

This one annoyed me. The title was 'Dried Arrangement' or something as uninteresting. It was only when you went upstairs into the Surf Life Saving Club and saw the miniature that you saw the alternative and far more explanatory title 'Tasmanian Wood Chips'.

Yet another of the lithe acrobatic couple statues that have become a standard feature. Love to know what this pomegranate symbolises; Spring, Fertility, Catholicism...

These flamingos were awesome. They seem to be made from stiff flywire draped around a wire frame and then spray painted. Wouldn't mind having a couple of them in the park near us, if only to compete with Igliot (our friendly sacred ibis (x6))

The way the stream of liquid metal was sculpted was rather beautifully done.

'Roo Shooter'

This one was beautiful. From the back and sides it looked like any other burnt-out tree you might find in the bush. It was only when you turned around that the faces peered out at you, 

Created from stacked sheet glass, in the afternoon sun, each of the different sheets reflected back the light adding to the illusion of rippling water or gradual depth. 

In all it was interesting for there are always some delightful pieces designed for children to clamour all over, to make noises, or simply commenting on typical Australian ideas and associations. And it is these ones that are worth checking out. Some of the beautiful but completely random ideas some people come up with. 
However there's a trend developing. There are obvious ones that are clearly related to ones exhibited in previous years. While occasionally these are interesting, I'm finding them too repetitive and now don't afford them more than a cursory glance. 

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