Sunday, 19 July 2015

Dawn on the Princess Royal Harbour

I'm not really a dawn person.
I much prefer staying up late into the night reading or writing and then spending the morning curled up in a warm bed, maybe with a purring hot water bottle.

However, with it being the middle of winter and the sun rising after 7 am, and being on holidays, and being surrounded by beautiful scenery and being in Albany to see the scenery, I declared that I wanted to see the sun rise one of the mornings we were in Albany.

Claire initially mumbled something unladylike, but agreed none-the-less. On Saturday evening we checked out the view from the end of our street, and on Sunday morning we were out of bed, in the car and at the end of the street by the time the sun rose at 7:12.

Admittedly Claire was still in her pyjamas (I was only dressed because I refused to leave the house in Matryoska doll PJ pants) and neither of us had so much as swallowed a mouthful of coffee or a block of chocolate.

But our timing was perfect.

We got the blush of dawn followed by the shower of golden light as the winter sun peeked its head above the hills of the Vancouver Peninsula.

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