Saturday, 18 July 2015

Torndirrup National Park - Stony Peak

Next stop on our sun drenched tour of the Torndirrup National Park was Stony Peak. 

A location, during the war, for a signal lookout, now it is the perfect place to sit whale spotting or just soak in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

In the foreground is an iron nail, remnant from the rock's use as a signal lookout.

Claire had first glimpsed it on our drive in, a stony projection at the top of one of the hills ahead of us. As she'd spent the previous day noting all the natural stonehenges on our drive into Albany, it was decided that this was one we not only had to visit, but also had to climb. 

The view from the first rocky outcrop was amazing. Not only was there blue sky and sunshine, but fluffy clouds who's shadows rippled across the hills and vales before us. 

We happily sat there in the cold wind enjoying not only the landscape but also the presence of two whales ducking and diving and waving at us from just off shore.

Having enjoyed the scenery, we turned away from the coast towards the second, higher outcrop and though it was not technically on the beaten path, we decided we also needed to check out the views from that position.

One reason was that this rocky outcrop was located between the first outcrop and our views back towards Frenchman's bay and the entrance to Princess Royal Harbour.

The view really was spectacular and it would have been a wonderful place from which to watch the sunset or sunrise. Claire also found it an inspirational place, and was keen to return there to do some writing. This did mean contemplating rearranging my packed to-do-list, but unfortunately we simply didn't have time.

Next time...

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