Friday, 26 December 2014

Seville's Alcazar - the rest of our day

Having lost eachother, refound eachother and then lost eachother again (somewhat intentionally) we finally left the Alcazar in search of more wonders. As Tegan and Andys' plans were to sail across to Morocco and the only possible route from Seville to the city of their departure seemed to be by bus, we made a quick detour to the station to determine bus times and buy tickets.

As we planned to have a proper 'nice' meal for dinner as a Christmas present from my Aunt and Uncle we agreed upon a light lunch, particularly as it was already very late, only for Tegan and Andy to sit down and order a full meal. This seemed to be a standard habit of theirs which meant that they weren't really ready to eat dinner until 9ish at night a time that was not only annoyingly late, but also cut into relaxation and writing time.

After this big meal we headed on to the Mushroomoids. I think officially the monument is known as the Mirador Parasol, however they look more like giant mushrooms growing out of the ground so close together that they have become one.

Supposedly its a giant wooden structure but it looked and felt more like metal painted the colour of light pine. Although it wasn't packed up on the Mirador, there were definitely enough people tramping about to feel the vibrations of the structure under your feet.

More importantly, under the Mushroomoids they discovered a series of Roman ruins and some delightful mosaics. I don't think the architects/builders were especially pleased but as a historian and Classical enthusiast I have no problems with them. Mum and I had an in depth meander through the ruins, Dad raced through and Tegan and Andy found alternative entertainment.

We didn't get to look at the markets beneath as by then peoples' feet were tired and sore and perhaps because they weren't Christmas markets ( the Spanish not doing/needing to do Christmas markets like the Germans).

Using Google and Trip Advisor we discovered a very nice restaurant literally just down the road from our apartment and trouped in for dinner. With a Spanish menu, no Spanish, our best guess and a bemused maitre-de we managed to order. While I have no pictures (Tegan might) I can tell you Mum had a smooth flavoursome pate that almost verged on foie gras and as Andy's choice was not available, the waiter instead presented him with Scallops cooked in cream and served in the shell. The main meal was delightful and considered tasty by everyone but I admit I fail to remember much beyond the tuna steak lightly cooked in butter and served with some potato thing Tegan raved about. She and I both ordered it but she claims it was all her and gave it a 6 out of 5. And then continued to talk about it for ages afterwards. Obviously she's missing good fish in Berlin.
Some piggy had dessert but I forget who, and what it was.

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