Sunday, 14 December 2014

Missed in London

Otherwise known as Things in London I Planned to See but Never Got Around to It.
  • The Roof Garden at 99 Kensington High Street.
    Situated on the roof of a department store on the main street in Kensington is an elaborate garden, divided into sections and from which seem to derive some rather beautiful photographs, ones you wouldn’t expect of the middle of a busy city.
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Natural History Museum
    I enjoy taking photos and looking at those of others that have been well composed and of a pleasing subject (ie are not trying to be modern art). In the years I lived in London I never saw it but did get some of the printed postcards that still decorate my wall. Part of it was a desire to see these portrayals of majestic animals, part of it to see how my own photos match up, even if my subjects are only the garden critters and occasional cat. Perhaps the photos will be available to view online, particularly if they are sponsored by National Geographic.
  • Terror and Wonder at the British Library
  • Witches and Wicked Bodies at the British Museum
  • London Gothic at the London Metropolitan Archives
    For some reason there seems to be a theme of exhibitions happening in London at the moment, none exceedingly interesting, but of a historical theme and therefore worth adding to the list, where they remained, unseen. Thankfully missing these was not particularly distressing as that time was better spent with friends.
  • Edward Steichen: the Conde Nast Years at the Photographers’ Gallery
    I did get to see another fashion photography exhibition by another eminent photographer at my favourite museum so I’m not complaining. In fact the other exhibition provided some inspiration for more artistic photo shoots of our own.
  • Roman Amphitheatre
    And to think I walked over it when visiting an art exhibition at Guild Hall. Being this old and well preserved, this visit can be rescheduled for another time.
  • Astronomy Photographer of the Year at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich
    I’ve always enjoyed staring up at the great expanse of night sky with the milky way streaking past overhead and identifying those few constellations I know (Orion, the Pleiades and the Southern Cross). Two dear friends increased my marvel at the wonderous sight and so I hoped to see the beauty others had managed to capture on film, that I don’t get to see with my own eyes as often as I would like.
  • Loukoumades at the Spitalfield Markets
    There is a baked goods stall at the Spitafields Markets, not far from the Chocolate shop is OK. While much at the stall appeals to the eyes, I always get the Loukoumades, hollow balls of deep fried pastry that explode with a honey syrup when you crunch through them. I must learn to make and perfect this Greek recipe despite my dislike of boiling oil.
  • Buying strange flavoured truffles at Hotel Chocolat
    At this time of year, these were the truffles I used to snack on. These and the rejects that Artisan au Chocolat sells at the Borough Markets for £1 per packet. I remember a mulled wine one and a gingerbread one, and had hoped to get my mits on a packet of each. It was not to be.

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