Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas in Andalusia

Christmas this year was spread over two cities; Christmas eve in Cordoba and Christmas Day in Seville.

Christmas Eve started with a bit of food shopping. We were leaving for Seville that evening and knew that nothing would be open then or the next morning. So our Christmas meal had to be bought in advance and carried with us.

Mum had heard about a market not that far from our apartment though it took us a little while to find them, even once we had arrived in the associated square. Several big bags later (which we had to carry to Seville with us), we may have gone a little over board due to Christmas tradition and the cheap prices, not to mention the fact that Mum decided she needed to buy a Christmas tree as well.

Having recovered over coffee and churros, we wandered up to the Roman Ruins we'd seen on the bus into town before splitting. 

Mum and I were keen to visit the Archaeological museum which was supposedly open but in fact turned out to be closed for the Festive season. So instead we wandered around the streets looking at the shops and buying chocolate and tea (naturally). 

Having a little spare time before our departure, Mum and I found a restaurant and soaked up the sunshine whilst discovering a few new dishes of the area. 

We then wandered back to the apartment in time to collate our shopping and head to the station for our evening train to Seville. 

We arrived in Seville late on Christmas Eve and knew that nothing would be open on Christmas Day. As a result we planned to spend the entire day relaxing, sleeping in and eating. Before long, Mum and I were in the kitchen preparing for the feast (while Dad and Tegan documented the occasion). Though there were only five of us, we had bought enough for a veritable feast (which lasted us at least three meals). at the markets the day before I'd seen rabbit (albeit with the skin and head still on) and with 4 of the 5 of us happy to eat it, we found a skinned one for dinner. This was stewed in Red wine, onions, herbs, speck, olives... (a la Country style). Dad however doesn't really eat rabbit, and so we decided on a rather large chook for him, which we stuffed with all sorts of goodies that we found in the apartment's kitchen and happened to have on us. These meats were accompanied by roast potatoes (for Dad) sauteed mushrooms, sauteed marrow, a green salad, risotto (which also stuffed the chicken). We also had the usual supply of chocolate in case we ran out of food.

While the chicken roasted (with the potatoes) and the rabbit stewed away, we nibbled on an assortment of olives, cheeses and cold meats and opened our presents around the little Christmas tree Mum couldn't resist buying.

After a late leisurely lunch we stumbled out of the apartment in time to watch the sun set and join the rest of Seville who were enjoying a promenade down the main street of Seville, also walking off their extensive lunch. Having wandered past the Tobacco factory, along Avenue de la Constitucion to the Ayuntamiento we meandered towards the river towards the Torre del Oro.

We headed home after discovering an icecream shop.

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