Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Birthday in Berlin

Today was a rather long exhausting day, not from excessive amounts of walking but instead from mitigating circumstances. I woke early in order to leave Dresden and return to Berlin, a journey that in itself was uneventful. Arriving at Berlin it took a while to find the lockers to dump my luggage so that I wasn’t carting it around Berlin with me.

Next I headed to an exhibition at the Kunst Bibliothek. I know of this delightful website which lists the different institutions around the world that have exhibitions of historical fashion or fashion related articles. In this case it was an exhibition of fashions during World War I (a nice change from every other World War I memorial exhibition).

It was Awesome!! (but worthy of its own post).

Having taken heaps of photos, taken heaps of notes and then bought the book I headed out in the direction of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Chloe and I had visited it seven years ago as part of a walking tour and I was curious to go back and see if I could get any decent photos of it.


Then on to the Brandenburg Gate, just to prove I was in Berlin before walking the length of the Unter den Linden/ Karl Liebknecht Strasse to Alexanderplatz where there was a Christmas market (or two) and Primark.

Though I passed Museum Island, I wasn’t particularly desirous of visiting another exhibition, preferring instead the comfort of warm food and drinks that the Christmas market had to offer.

Then on to Primark to buy Tegan a Christmas present.

Given that bright and early the following morning we were planning to fly out to Malaga which meant being at the airport at some ungodly hour, I did plan to get back to Tegan and Andy’s early-ish in order to pack, wrap some presents, book flights that I hadn’t yet got around to booking...
 However there was a slight problem at the Potsdam Hbf. Turns out another unexploded WWII bomb was discovered and so no train was allowed in or out of the station, or along that part of the route. This meant catching a train that went to Golm (via West then South line as opposed to South then West) and catching a bus back into Potsdam from there.

Being in Golm Tegan suggested I pop in and see her office which would have been okay so long as I’d been able to contact her to say I’d arrived/I’m lost/where are you, as opposed to only her being able to contact me.
She gave me a tour and explained what it was she was growing, what she was doing to these poor plants and what it could mean for the future. 
However, interesting as this was, it meant that we didn’t get home until 20:15 and I still had presents to wrap, bags to pack and a flight I wanted to book out of Spain, before an early night for tomorrow's flight.

Just made it. 

And one final picture of what Tegan insists is Berlin's main icon/landmark.

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