Saturday, 31 May 2014

Whingin' Mingin and the evil one

This is a post for my sister. Who though interesting enough and technologically savy have both decided not to have a twitter account and have in fact eschewed social media all together*.

However working together (for the first time in their lives) they would like to remind my sister that they are more interesting that any moggy she may currently be cuddling

We have the fat (old) lumux/lummox

...and the basket case who is constantly confused as to whether a plastic bag...
 or paper bag...

or box constitutes a basket. 

Never have two pussy cats looked so innocently at one another. 

In the naughty corner:

Patrolling the roof (and pretending she can't get herself down)

just plain crazy
 Learning to share...
because it's essential when there's only one heater on.

 Sunning oneself.

Dominating the vacuum cleaner

Pretending that she can dominate her sister.

Dominating the parcel shelf.

Sleepy time

The only comfy spot. For once she found a soft bunny rabbit to cuddle as opposed to her usual hardback book.
Model looks.

And, in case you've forgotten...

*Mingin did at one point have a My Space account until she realised she would be expected to befriend her sister. 

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