Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A new wardrobe - potentially.

I spent the last week cat-sitting up near Joondalup and was delighted to discover that the Textile Traders up that end of the world was having a 'moving' sale. Even better than that though was the fact that the fabrics on special were the printed cottons that work perfectly for the 1950s and '60s dresses that I am currently partial to.

So, over a couple of visits I may have just bought an entirely new wardrobe for myself.

This was the fabric I saw first and automatically thought of a full skirted, mid-season dress with sleeves and a shawl collar. Not that I have a pattern for that. It's a little darker than the picture makes out and has a warmth to the colour that reminds me of winter. However given it's cotton, I'd prefer to use if for a mid season dress so I don't freeze in winter (any design I'm thinking of would not be suitable for wearing with a cardigan).

Now that I've got the fabric home I'm finding even more ideas for when to use it. Perhaps I can replicate this Dior, with a deep purple fringe. After all, Vogue 2401 is similar enough to be of use. 

...or perhaps this bodice where the collar disappears into the front darts? 

I know I want it to be mid-season, which means elbow length sleeves, but other than that, I think I'm waiting for the perfect pattern to jump out at me. While I have a file of inspiration, not to mention a pinterest feed and yet nothing has met the criteria I've set. 

One of the reasons I'm not so sure on the bodice above is that I'm contemplating it for the dark teal piece of cotton. This picture really doesn't do the colour justice. In reality it's far darker with shadowing and a light stencil that from a distance make it look like a light wool. 

This piece is also for a mid season dress though I'm planning on a pencil skirt combination as opposed to the full skirt of the purple. I'm also contemplating this pattern for the back of the bodice, though again I'm not sure yet. The drapery may ruin the illusion of the wool print and it may end up swamping my figure. Nothing is urgent though so I'm happy to add it to the stash and wait until I know what I want to do.

I saw this piece on my first visit but left it as I wasn't sure what I would do with it and consequently how much I would need. Also, it wasn't on special quite as much as the other pieces so it wasn't as essential that I get it now.

Returning to my computer, I was fossicking around and found this simple blouse by Vera Venus which I thought worth giving a go. As the base colour of the fabric is black, it looked like it would work perfectly with my black pencil skirts, provided I didn't have purple circles over my boobs and could capture as much of the mustard as possible. As I need more patterned work blouses, I'm hopeful that this will work. 


I have two sun dress patterns with full skirts I've been wanting to trial since I bought them, but never had quite the right type or amount of fabric to begin.
This one is Butterick 5708 and while I suspect it will require some considerable adaptation around the bust area it might work quite nicely in buttermilk, red and 'white' striped cotton. I might have a play with this to get the stripes to line up around the waist, and might contemplate making the upper bodice of a plain 'white' cotton for a bit of a contrast. We shall see...

The second sun dress pattern is Butterick 6018 with a delightful gored skirt and the cutest collar and cuffs. I haven't really contemplated how I'll get this one to work but I want it in a crisp 'white' so it looks a little like a shirt dress and a little un-wiltable in the hot Australian sun.

I'm looking forward to being able to play with the stripes on this one.

I want this vibrant green (verging on Chartreuse) print to be a relatively simple dress, perhaps with some acorn buttons or a pretty brooch to one side.

I bought this pattern a while ago, and while I know it is a very basic pattern, with a few adaptations it should work rather well. For starters, the neck line will have to be lowered, and I might end up raising the hem line to the knees. I think I also want to make the hips a little less fitted than I would usually cut them to create a greater ration between the waist and hips. It won't be excessive, but possibly something a little like the way my Ikea skirt inadvertently turned out.

My last piece of fabric is the anomaly of the group as I currently have no idea when to do with it. I bought it for the price, the simplicity of the print and the colour which is a strange combination of the two below. Its not bright nor so beige, but instead a little bit green and a little bit goldish. It will definitely be a colour I can wear, I'm just not yet sure how. Saying all that, if it doesn't work, it will make a suitable toile. 

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