Monday, 16 November 2015

Ikea Skirt

The renovation of the family beach shack has meant that we've ended up at Ikea on more than one occasion. If not buying various bits and pieces, then at least looking at and chosing bits and pieces to buy at a later date when we are able to cart them home or have the room in the shack to store them until we have time to assemble them.

As always, this meander through the store includes a short stop in the fabric department (yes, Ikea sells fabric by the metre). This is where we found the fabric for the shack's curtains and more recently where I found the fabric for this amazing skirt:

I'll admit, it is a little '70s but it is also bold and a bit of a statement print, and virtually every colour in it is one I already wear.

Initially it was going to be a dress; a high-waisted skirt with a white blouse bodice. However the fabric complimented so many existing pieces in my wardrobe that I decided to leave off the blouse bodice.

And these are without even touching the black tops and shoes I have, or the rainbow of cardigans that also hang in my wardrobe.

Kitty-kat refused to come and have her photo taken with me, preferring to sit under the ironing board chewing on the iron cord. Idiot!!

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