Monday, 17 August 2015

Beach Shack Renovation Five

There have been a few more improvements to the beach shack, but with it taking time, and it being winter, things seem to be progressing slowly.

The gas has been connected, though it was only after it was all connected that we discovered the Primus didn't work. It seems this might be due to a build up of wax inside the gas pipes but it was another thing we didn't really want to have to deal with. That's now in the process of being looked at so we know whether we have to buy a new one or whether the old one will actually suffice.

The whooping great chest that is for storing the outdoors stuff (gardening supplies) and solar power battery has been bought, mantled and bolted in place. We just need to make the cushion for its top. A task I can see falling to me, using the remainder of the curtain fabric.

New skrim was bought to replace the shadecloth-style stuff that originally hung in the interior doorways providing privacy to both of the bedrooms. I then edged it so that we could drill new holes in the wall and hang it next time we went down. It looks great as it's a non-floral, shiny white which reflects back the grey tinge of the walls.

We spent one day cutting the grass from around the shack so that it would stop trying to grow up into the walls. Unfortunately this means that there is now a soil furrow around the entire shack, and the two owners just couldn't help themselves and needed to fill this 'garden bed' with seaside daisies, nasturtiums, lavender, parsley, rosemary and whatever else they thought would survive.

The solar panels have been bought but no one in the family seems to have the qualifications or ability to install them (even though they're only 12 volts) so that is still waiting to be done. 

The mirror was installed in the second bedroom, though it needs a slightly better wire than the old rusty piece of chain currently being used (it was all we could find at the time).

We think we can change something in the existing lights to convert them from 240V to 12V and not have to worry about completely dismantling them and replacing them. This could be very good news indeed, but we needed to details of the transformer part in the lights so we could take it to the 12V shop. three photos later...

They found their kettle. It needed to be a stove top one, and with a colour theme very much in place, stumbling upon a red shiny one was almost too good to be true.

The pane of glass in one of the patio windows has been replaced. Granddad had originally replaced it with a piece of perspex, not quite fitting, but riveted in place. It looked dreadful so that's now gone.

The day we were down there was absolutely amazing; sunshine, blue skies... so I snuck down to the beach for some photos. I'm looking forward to summer.

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