Friday, 22 May 2015

Cape Naturaliste

After a decadent breakfast on Sunday morning, we decided a walk was in order. 
Having finally all arrived at the Cape Naturaliste car park - the one near the light house as opposed to the one near Bunker Bay, we decided that we much preferred the idea of a roam through the surrounding bushland than a trek up to the lighthouse along the bitumen road. 

So leaving the little settlement behind us we crossed the car park and headed into the scrub.

The track we chose  (the green one) held promise of some fine lookouts over Bunker Bay and Shelley Bay before looping back round to the lighthouse.

As usual, we were a rather noisy bunch so only the lizards and swallows showed themselves, the lizards less willingly though. They'd scurried away as the first of the mob trekked by, returning to bask in the sun in time for me to traipse past having been distracted by a view or two the others had failed to stop for.

Given the weekend's weather, we really couldn't have been more blessed. It was warm enough that our wool tops were a little too much, but with a gentle breeze that provided the refreshment required.

One really can't complain about the vibrant colours and dramatic landscape of the area.

...particularly when there are seals involved.

I'm not sure that they were waving at us, or that their flippers were covered in solar panels as Dad tried to convince the renewable engineer amongst us, but they were delightful to watch,

* clicking on the photos enables them to be seen against a more neutral background, thereby appearing more striking. 

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