Thursday, 21 May 2015

Bunker Beach

The beauty of the South-West is something of which I am always aware, and yet I find myself undertaking very few opportunities to actually head down and enjoy it.

Usually my trips down south revolve around prearranged activities like weddings where much of the spare time is already designated to other activities or I'm travelling with people who are more interested in exploring the Margaret River Chocolate Factory than the wilds of the national parks or just enjoying the views of the sun-lit ocean.

This past weekend I got a small glimpse of that natural beauty though.

Mum had decided to celebrate her big birthday with an overnight stay (for the extended family) in Busselton, with food before, food after, food intermittently provided throughout.

One of those food events was breakfast at the Bunker Beach Cafe, its glass walls looking directly out over the ocean. As we'd arrived ever slightly earlier than the others, and then been fed first, there were ample opportunities to take in some of the view while we waited for the others.

Breakfast there was delightful and thoroughly enjoyed by all, to the extent that half of the group decided to make the most of the sunshine and head into the national park to walk it off before the long drive home.

The weather had promised to be fairly miserable for the whole of the weekend and so to see white clouds and blue skies upon our arrival ensured that though we ate indoors we all traipsed outside to enjoy the sun's warmth and take in some of the views before returning north to wet and miserable Perth.

None of us were suitably un-dressed for surfing so instead we hovered on the boardwalk watching the waves crash on the sand and examining the cuttlefish bone discovered by the three-year-old.

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