Friday, 21 March 2014

Sculptures by the Sea - 2014

It's hard to believe that this year was the 10th anniversary of Sculptures by the Sea, an annual event in which wonderful, though-provoking and (lets be honest) sometimes just plain weird sculptures created from a range of materials and displayed prominently in and around the landscape of Cottesloe Beach.

Visiting with Mum, we arrived in the last few hours of the afternoon and stayed past sunset, delighting to watch the sun's dying rays play on the shapes at hand.
We didn't get the guidebook, so many of the interpretations are personal opinion and the explanations just me bullshitting about the symbolism of modern art.

Because giant bugs are just plain cool... particularly when painted so vividly. On one branch hung a red loveheart so spectators could climb into the tree to be bugs themselves or pictorially express their love of the creepy crawlies. 

A hut of 'coral' constructed from crocheted plastic bags. 

Looking at this artwork now, it reminds me of the tasks assigned to those condemned to Tartarus in Greek Mythology. Perhaps an Asian take on the uphill struggle?

Radiating dogs?
Radiating pussy cats would be more appropriate if you knew. What with their ability to cast shadows when most undesired, ability to absorb heat and light to create more heat and sound.
But then, I've never been much of a fan of the yappy species.

Perhaps the most attention-seeking sculpture this year was the gigantic goon bag swaying in the breeze. Within days of its unveiling it was lorded in a meme as the Western Australian-defining sculpture that would address Lisa Scaffidi, Lord Mayor of Perth's checklist for the next iconic WA sculpture.

Don't know, truthfully it didn't really inspire any questions or strong emotions, though latter in the evening it was utilised by a bridal party for their photos.

This one reminded me of one of those bend pencils we used to get so excited to own in primary school. Even the colour was reminiscent.

A darling friend only recently learn about swimming between the flags.
I hope this doesn't confuse her.

Personally, I like the way the seagulls decided to enhance the artwork themselves. 

Perhaps a memorial to the surfers and swimmers attacked by sharks off Cottesloe Beach. The random layout reminded me of the historical graveyards of Europe. It is off this beach that the controversial shark net has been set up, and it was here that my sister celebrated an early birthday, the day before a surfer was fatally attacked by a shark whilst out swimming before the lifeguards and patrol came on duty.

Who doesn't like blonde, blue-eyed, big busted surfie chicks tanning themselves in the afternoon sun, their backs bare of bikini straps to ensure an even tan? 

This scultpure probably ranked third in popularity after the goon bag and the wave of blond bimbos. While I liked the simplicity of the converging threads, it was otherwise unexciting as if it was trying to mimic the radiance of the setting sun it didn't come anywhere close.

Moving on...


While I'm happy to head down to the beach to see these sculptures, I'll admit I got much more pleasure out of an earlier trip just to watch the sun set and frolic in the waves before losing our hearing to the chorus of rainbow lorikeets wishing each other good night. 

Nature is much more beautiful than much of what we can create.

As darkness fell and we trekked back to the car, previously undiscovered pieces of arts shone out of the darkness.

Unfortunately we were too full from dinner for icecream by now. 

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