Friday, 21 February 2014

With the going down of the sun

I'm a West Australian, born and bred and yet I'll admit, this is not a view I see nearly as often as I should.

Don't get me wrong, I love the sunset and frequently catch some of it, at varying levels of visibility, but it is rather infrequent that I will actually wander down to the beach and catch it in all its glory.

Friday evening was one such evening. N suggested we go out as opposed to staying in and as that naturally precluded anywhere with loud music and potential dancing, we decided on the beach.
Her condition was that we pop by and visit some friends already scheduled to be at the beach.
My condition was that we got there in time for the sunset. A big ask as N is notorious for always running late.

The drive up from Fremantle follows the coast and so for 15 minutes N was staring out the window watching the sun slowly creeping towards the horizon, hoping that she hadn't caused us to miss it, or that I'd suddenly swerve off the road and pull out my camera, all the while berating her for running late... again.
However we made it.

Cottesloe Beach is usually too popular a beach for my liking, but on this occasion it was beautiful.

Scores of people were enjoying the refreshing water and the sun's final rays silhouetted their actions, those of two groups of rowers and the replica 'bell' that stands tall in the waters off the coast.

Upon arrival, I made a beeline for the water's edge, all the time stopping and sinking into the sand to take more photos, while N skirted around the seagull footprints and stood tentatively at the tidal mark suspiciously eyeing the advancing waves.

There wasn't a fanfare of colours this evening, as the cloud cover was relatively sparse and though N insisted on me keeping my eyes open, we didn't see the green flash as the sun sank below the horizon. I was asked when exactly sunset was so N knew when to look hardest, but not having my own personal 'guy who likes the sky' (Thank you Claire) nearby to ask, and feeling unequal to answering accurately we just enjoyed the view and the feel of unexpectedly wet fabric against our skin.

With the sun having sunk below the horizon, we directed our footsteps towards the grassy area under the patch of pine trees in the branches of which a host of rainbow lorikeets had  unexpectedly landed and were settling down for the night... after asking each other how their day was, who they'd seen, where they'd been, what their family was up to before wishing each and every one good night and finally settling down for the night.

With that, we also decided it was time to head home, for a meal and the chance to settle down in front of an old RomCom. But not before one last look at the painted sky.

We are indeed blessed to be able to enjoy such spectacular views.

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