Wednesday, 1 August 2012

In the blink of an eye

I am amazed by the landscape here. I'm not sure if I was expecting desert, or arid mountainous regions like I've read of in Greece or something else entirely, but it really is spectacular. It is a sequence of flats and huge jagged rocky outcrops, all covered with either crops of olives or peaches (from what I could ascertain), or forests of brilliant chartreuse green pines with dark brown trunks. And the vistas as you climbed down from the mountain passes...

The beautiful thing though was that you felt as though you were the only one who saw it and you were the only one appreciating it. On occasion I'd catch the tour guide's eye as we passed a secluded inlet, and I'd see his delight at seeing such scenes and knowing that you delighted in catching such a glimpse before we rounded a corner and it disappeared from view.

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