Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Eternal City of Light.

Living in London, on the odd occasion it delighted me to travel home at night, wandering through the city streets or crossing the Thames, staring up at the changed, yet strangely familiar landscape. All of the typical detail in which I delighted had faded into the inkiness of the night. Instead, it was the more prominent landmarks that should out on skyscape.

When visiting Rome that summer, we had the opportunity to partake of the similar view, of this city and eagerly partook of it.

As a form of summer nights festivals, Hadrian's Mausoleum - also known as Castel Sant Angelo was holding a series of musical concerts in the upper courtyard of this fortress. In conjunction with this was a series of tours specialising in the Pope's toilet.

You see, having decided that its links with the Emperor Hadrian wasn't enough to make this a memorable building, some pope of other decided to commandeer it and utilise it as his 'retreat of last resort'. At the time this was perhaps the best move as medieval popes are not usually remembered for being the friendliest of guys and having your very own mausoleum to hole up in, and secret covered walkway leading directly here for the inner sanctum of the Vatican City, just seems like a sensible idea.

Having nothing better to occupy our evening with, we crossed the bridge of the angels at dusk and grabbed a bite to eat at the festive outdoors markets while we waited for the tour of the Castel Sant Angelo to begin.

With the first tour full, we clamoured up to the roof terrace to while away the time in the cool night air as we waited for the second one to begin. With the archangel Michael positioned menacingly over us and other sets of tourists taking a parody of seductively posed pictures, I managed to capture just a few.  

While I don't think much of the principles of the Vatican City (don't tell my Grandfather) I will admit, it was a mighty fine view!  

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