Saturday, 27 October 2007

An Honour: Athene

Goddess of wisdom, strategy, and foresight. As the eldest of her father’s daughters, she has subsumed the maternal role and organises the events of the season while still keeping a watchful eye out for her younger sisters. As a replacement Hera she has subconsciously absorbed her stepmother’s marital feelings, although with more pressing matters at hand, it has so far had little affect. This immortal princess has been found to be generous with both her time and her possessions. The pragmatist in her demands that she never approaches an adventure blindly or unaware of the possible outcomes or pitfalls that could eventuate. Meanwhile as the strategist, she may hold an ace or two up her sleeve, and has proved more than once the benefits of strategy and foresight especially combined with the passions of [war]. However it must not be forgotten that she has both a wit and a sense of humour that does unexpectedly bubble to the surface, influencing her generosity and contributing to her already bright-eyed personality.

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