Saturday, 27 October 2007

An Honour: Artemis

Possessive of a sheltered heart, fiery attitude and frosty eyes, this deity calculates and cultivates her identity and her worth, a standpoint that projects a grounding view of humanity. Her quiver is always full of sharpened arrows, which never fail to hit their target, a truth that is at times unfortunate. In step with this is the temper of a Titian, and a thirst for revenge or cruelty of a sort. This streak of evil causes many acquaintances to be taken aback as it belies their expectations of a sweet conservative pious maiden. Watching mankind for afar, she has developed a wisdom and outlook that, despite her experience could stand her in good stead. However blending with this strange mixture of cruelty and worldliness is something of a naivety and innocence which causes her to also be protected and encouraged by her fellow Olympians. 

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