Sunday, 27 March 2016

Acorn Dress

This was a pattern I bought ages ago, and until now, it has been sitting in the box with all the other patterns just taunting me to get around to doing something with it. 

That I had Project Management homework that took priority to sewing didn't really help, but the moment that was handed in, this was the first thing I made. 

It was actually the second dress I cut out, but given the fiddliness of the other, which is currently still in overlocked pieces, this was more of a pleasure to construct. 

The pattern is ridiculously basic, comprising of four piece (and an optional belt, if belts are your thing). That doesn't mean to say it was perfect though. As usual, inches got added to the length of the bodice and surprisingly, this time inches were removed from the skirt hem (it's supposed to sit mid-calf which is way too long for my taste). 

I also discovered later that I need to do something to the neck line. I'd already re-cut the back into a deep V, shallow enough to hide the bra but deep enough to look fresh and summery. The front was then also cut to mirror this, the reason being that too much expanse of fabric across my boobs serves to make them look even bigger than I already know them to be. 

However due to the dramatic change in size from bust dimensions to collar bone, there is a little bit of gaping at the neckline that I need to deal with. I think I know what to do, but it is going to require some fiddling... on the next dress. 

Another change I decided to make was regarding the choice of fabric for the lining. I learnt the hard way not to line work skirts with cotton as it doesn't work well with stockings in Winter, and yet lining a bodice with typical acetate lining causes problems in the heat of Summer. To this end I decided to line the bodice with cotton and the skirt with the acetate. So far (early Autumn) it seems to be working well. 

Now for the fabric...
I was house-sitting near the Textile Traders in Joondalup at the time they were having their massive closing down/moving sale, and so they were getting rid of lots of their stock. As much of this comprised of the sturdy crisp cottons I like wearing and sewing with, I may have walked out with about 27 metres of fabric, including 3 metres of this one. 

It is perhaps my favourite of the haul. The green is bright enough to be eye-catching but not garishly so, and it is covered with delicate oak leaves and acorns. In fact, all that was missing was a nut brown squirrel to chase after them all.
That's where Etsy came into play and I may now be the proud owner of three (I did only buy two) engaging squirrel brooches.

The little critter is so cute I may have had one colleague entranced and unwittingly stroking it. 

* I will include some photos of the dress on, when I get my hands on a photographer with some free time. 

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