Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Mystery Foot.

At one of the recent antique fair I stumbled upon (and bought) a Singer surprise box. At least that's how the guy selling it had labelled it, clearly knowing nothing about its contents except that they related to a Singer sewing machine.

Turns out it's an 188_ piece probably more suited to an old treadle machine than the electrical devices we have now. However as a foot from my grandmother's machine fits mine, it was all worth a try.

Stored within a delightful little wooden box that opens flat, are a dozen odd sewing feet, all, with the exception of one, strange and very unusual.

Having three Singers to test them on, they were too intriguing to leave behind and so home they came.
With the help of the internet, I was able to determine the function of several of the more unusual pieces, including this one:

Turns out it's a Ruffler Attachment Presser Foot. It attaches to the machine like so,

...and gathers the fabric creating light ruffles or mini pleats all by itself. None of this dividing  the length in to eighths and carefully pulling at one of the threads, all the while making sure the gathering is evenly dispensed down the length.

It ruffles:

It ruches:

It mini-pleats:

 Even Mum is enjoying the ease with which it works.

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