Thursday, 23 October 2014

Writing Away - Yallingup

Writing a novel, in fact doing writing of any kind becomes exceedingly difficult when there is the internet within your grasp. Particularly when it brings with it the opportunity to continually learn.
So when Claire offered an opportunity to accompany her on a weekend retreat to Yallingup I jumped at the offer.

On Saturday morning she and another friend had a political obligation, polling for the Greens in Busselton, but there was a house on offer,a beach, endless cups of tea, fresh air, space, time to write and no internet.

Unfortunately there was a long stretch of sandy beach, waves, clouds, rocks... and my camera.

On this occasion I had the morning and almost the beach to myself. Having spent a few hours adding to the novel, I headed out, barefooted but rugged up in a winter wool coat.

We'd been promised a storm, hopefully complete with thunder and lightning but though the clouds rolled by it came to nothing.

The storm had bypassed us in the night and hit the northern suburbs of Perth in full force adding a stunning show of hail stones as well.

Instead we got some enjoyable waves and rich assortment of sea life washed up on the beach.

Wandering along the beach, I headed south over sharp and point rocks, towards the lookout spot and spit of rocks against which the waves were crashing. 

Despite increasingly sore feet I continued on to the lookout and perched on the rocks watching for the waves to come crashing in.

Nature really is a beautiful force to be reckoned with. 

I don't explore the south west of my state nearly as often or as thoroughly as I would like.

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