Sunday, 7 September 2014

Homemade Pastizzi

I was raiding my database of photos and stumbled upon a few that belonged to a recipe I didn't realise I hadn't shared.

Granddad used to make these and like the Piragi, ration them out amongst the family whenever we visited en masse. As the expanding family crammed into the sitting room, a small plate of goodies would be brought out, two always separated out for my fussy aunt, and once everyone had taken their fill of the quota, the four grandchildren would bargain for the remainder. It wasn't as though we weren't going to be fed an elephant's sufficiency (Dad's phrase) when we moved into the kitchen, it was just that these were one of the absolute goodies Granddad offered.

Now, you can buy them in the supermarket.  More than a few varieties, and while they're deliciously flaky they're not the same. The ricotta is too mellow and the pastry that little bit too oily to make them truly right. But then, having fought over Granddad's, these will never quite compare.

So, here's the recipe, transcribed from an ancient note in my sister's hand. Thankfully, this recipe is not as bad at the Kahk and Cornetti where you are told to keep going until the dough 'feels right', and so in comparison is relatively easy to make.

makes 54,
1 packet of puff pastry
1 kg dry crumbly fetta (not the smooth danish type)
2-3 eggs

Crumble/grate the fetta into a bowl. You want this in relatively small pieces. I find the grating blade on the food processor works well enough.
Season liberally with pepper and/or finely chopped herbs. Do not add any salt as the feta is already salty enough
mix in one egg and stir until well combined. If the egg is binding all of the feta together don't add the other eggs. If not add the other eggs one at a time until the right consistency is achieved.

Allow the pastry to defrost, and with a sharp knife, cut each sheet into thirds horizontally and vertically. This should result in 9 equal square.
Place a small teaspoon of cheese in the centre of each square.
Roll the square up into a sausage and pinch the pastry together on each side of the cheese filling. They should look like little bonbons.

Brush with egg and bake in a moderately hot oven until golden.

*Sorry, they got eaten before I had a chance to capture them in their crunchy glory.

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