Friday, 1 August 2014

Violet's Songbook

Mum has memories of her mother listening to songs on the radio and writing the lyrics into her song book. Then she would use this book to sing to her children. Some songs are in English, some in French, some possibly even in Italian (I've focussed on the English ones for the time being). Some are timeless, some have definitely aged (though this may be due to the singer on the version I heard on youtube). 

Years later, her younger daughter (who had no memory of her mother's hobby) did the same thing, listening to her own favourite songs over and over again in order to copy out the words herself. 

Here's a small selection of Violet's songs. I've scanned in some that are familiar, though I don't know if the youtube version I've attached would have been familiar to Violet. 

Fossicking around on Youtube finding the songs I would say that evidence seems to point to her starting her song book in 1941 when she was 12. 

I hope you enjoy this taster. 

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