Monday, 2 June 2014

A Crisp Afternoon Out.

What with it being a public holiday here, Mum decided we needed an afternoon out.
Dad and Meri had visited the Core Cider House several months ago and had repeatedly informed us of their enjoyable visit, so this time we decided it was about time we visited it for ourselves... particularly given our penchant for cider.

Though a little crisp out, we settled down on the verandah and quickly ordered a tasting plate of cider while we perused the menu. 

Ranging from extra dry to super sweet, with a sparkling lemon sans sweetness tacked on the end. 
Made from apples, pears or both, the Core ciders range from 'made from the skin and core without the flesh' dry to 'the sweetest part of the sweetest variety of pear'. However none of them could have been described as full bodied, each one completely missing an after-taste or even lingering flavour. 

Sadly, the best of their ciders was probably the mulled cider which was a semi-sweet apple cider enhanced with cloves, nutmeg and honey. 

Having settled on our ciders we chose the food and quickly got stuck in. 

Warm Brie: Thyme & garlic infused brie served warm with caramelised apples. toasted almonds & crispy Turkish bread.
Cheese platter: Picolin fromage de chevre (Fr), Capel Club cheddar (WA), Arrigoni Gorgonzola (It), served with persimmon jam, apple crisps, toasted almonds and water crackers.

Rabbit & Fig Pate: Creamy rabbit pate set on CORE fig & cabernet jam, accompanied with pickled carrot, caramelised sultanas & crispy Turkish bread.
Wedges: with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

Being little piggies, we dove in and devoured the lot, washed down with a few hot drinks (see the mulled cider above), before a short wander through around the cultivated lawn area alive with shrieking kids.

To our good fortune, though heavy black clouds loomed, they skirted us allowing us views across the sun dappled orchards.

It was an enjoyable afternoon and I think another visit needs to be in order, with a friend or two (and designated driver) in tow. 

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