Thursday, 28 November 2013

Things that go bonk in the night.

Cat laws have recently been introduced into my shire. Laws to keep those marauding felines from hanging around in gangs, terrorising the neighbourhood and launching attacks under the cover of darkness.

Fortunately our cats are too old and/or stupid to be of any danger during the day and, now tagged, are firmly locked away (with beds, comfortable laps and abundant food) of an evening.

Unfortunately, our neighbours are not so considerate which, unless this law is properly enforced, is of huge concern. Not for the bell-less, collarless cats who slink around, but for our other houseguests:

And our newest guest: 

After all, the last thing anyone likes to hear as they relax with a glass or two, a good book, their favourite show... is the sound of a frog, squealing. 

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