Saturday, 7 September 2013

When Lime is the key (Key Lime Pie)

I know I'm stuck on a bit of a theme at the moment, but one should be promoting the food that in season. So, what do you make when you want something different, but still have too many limes that need using?

Key Lime Pie.

Usually, I try not to use sweetened condensed millk. It has a reputation of being that little bit too sickly sweet.
My sister on the other hand always used it - or so i'm led to beleive, resulting in the presence of one lonely tin sitting in the back of the pantry.

Unlike most of my cooking, this particular creation actually came with a cause: dinner at my cousins'. Given that she cannot eat raw eggs at the moment, a scrounge around the internet resulted in a selection of recipes to chose from. The draw card of this ones was limited cream and a prolonged cooking time, to ensure the 4 eggs had no chance of being anything but cooked through.

Like most cheesecakes (this is really just a cheese-less cheesecake) the base comprises of pulverised biscuits glued together with butter. Rather unintentionally, for this particular pie I ended with an anzac-style crust having used honey(double it) instead of sugar and coconut instead of the almond meal of the recipe.
Perhaps it just made it all the more exciting.

The filling itself is not the healthiest of combinations, but then who am I kidding, my desserts never intend to be healthy. It's very basic, and very easy to whip together, but has a good kick of flavour whilst retaining the creaminess you'd expect of a cheesecake. In fact, that it uses a whole four limes as opposed to the one used in the lemon cake has made it my new favourite lime dessert.

*Photo updated based upon comment below. 

What I do recommend is serving it with cream though; otherwise you might find it just that little bit too limey.
And for the recipe...

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  1. Sister dear- you need to make your pictures prettier. Whatever you've done here is grey and depressing and making me never want to go near your lime pie. Make it pop like the funky little b' that it is!


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