Sunday, 26 May 2013

To satisfy a craving... Yum Cha

Living in London, one of the things I missed was good Chinese food.
We had brilliant Indian (actually Sri Lankan) at the end of our street, there was a great Thai chain in the city, but Chinese cuisine was more of a problem.
There was a restaurant at our local shopping centre, but it was atrocious. the type of Chinese that you used to get here 30 odd years ago.

Discussing it with C, we would go crazy discussing the Yum Chas/Dim Sums we missed from home.

Between us, we would reminisce over the fluffy buns, the rice flour rolls,

banana wrapped sticky rice, the squid tentacles,

 the almond jelly, deep fried sesame balls... I could go on.

Together we would drive our taste buds wilds, but it wasn't until last weekend that I finally got around to satisfying that craving. You see the problem with Yum Cha is that you need a decent number of guests in order to get an adequate variety of dishes in order to make it a successful feast.

Then and only then is it possible to order everything in sight and gorge oneself silly.

Having satisfied my craving, the next challenge is to host one of our own, making the selection of steamed dishes ourselves.

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