Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What memories are made of (Coffee Granita)

I love a good coffee, but in this weather, a latte, or even an iced coffee is just a little too warm to be truly refreshing. Even an espresso freddo dilutes the longer you leave it to chill, on the rocks. 

Growing up, my Mother says her grandmother always kept a jug of coffee granita in the freezer in summer. Strong, dark coffee with just a little sugar added, it was a perfect refreshing summer treat. 

And so simple. 

Brew about 500ml of strong espresso coffee and while its still hot add 1/2 cup of caster sugar (you may want to add more depending on how sweet you like your coffee). Stir until it's dissolved. Once the coffee has cooled pour it into a shallow baking dish with about a two litre capacity and freeze for about half an hour. 

As ice crystals form around the edge of the dish carefully scrape them back into the centre with a fork before returning the dish to the freezer.
Repeat this process about every half hour until there is no liquid remaining, just a mass of coffee ice crystals. 
Store in the freezer until ready to serve. The coffee crystals may clump together in the freezer, so you may want to get it out about 20 minutes before serving so they loosen up again. 

Serve in an old fashioned champagne glass with whipped cream on top. 

Or if like me you're too impatient, serve in an old-fashioned and enjoy as your morning coffee. 

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