Saturday, 22 December 2012

I don't understand

Perth drivers can't merge.
Not like the Italians can. Not with a short on-ramp, a queue of cars behind you and a truck bearing down on you at 80 miles per hour.  On the autostrada, there's not much else you can do, and really its far to difficult to journey anywhere avoiding the autostrada. In Genova at least.

Here, we get scared at the mere thought of it. We're petrified of merging with traffic whilst travelling at a snail's pace. And if it's travelling at anything faster than a jog, we slow to a crawl and inch our way into the lane bringing that lane to a familiar crawl in the process. And yet we wonder why the freeway is so congested...

And yet if the traffic lights at an intersection are out we become brilliant drivers; we automatically work as a team and ensure everything runs as smoothly as ever, as though there was never a problem.

I just don't understand. 

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